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quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Mosaico megacolorido

1. Life's Better With Balloons!, 2. Rainbow Sandwich Creative Commons, 3. Pink Watermelon Love, 4. Wedding Anniversary Tulips from The Hubster (1988-2010), 5. Happy Thursday…It's Almost Friday!, 6. Happy Candy Wishes, 7. I Love Rainbows and Sunshine, 8. Fun Colorful Sweet Rainbow Candy Flower Bouquet, 9. Colors of Springtime Happiness, 10. Double Love Heart Hands At Sunset, 11. Woman Wearing Yellow Summer Shoes at The Train Station, 12. Free Friendly Little Daisies Creative Commons (unedited), 13. Bright Colorful Rainbow Sugar Star Shaped Cupcake Candies, 14. Rainbow Bubble Girl, 15. Vintage Bubblegum, 16. Pink Russians

Estas fotos são lindas e alegram o dia da gente. Espero que alegre o seu também!
bj bj


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Thais Portugal disse...

Quando vai ser realizado o sorteio da caixa rosa?

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