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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Mosaico de caixinha

. The Wonders of Cherry Blossom Petals, 2. Camera Hogs, 3. Pink Paradise, 4. These Are My Flowers, 5. An Enchanted Way, 6. Canon Love, 7. Cold and Forgotton, 8. Mushrooms Are Great For Relaxing, 9. A Box and Her Camera, 10. Hold Me Close, 11. Forming a Cardboard Snowball, 12. A Sweater Made For Two, 13. Be Very Still, 14. Danbo and the Camera, 15. Cozy Towel, 16. They Serve Marshmellows?
beijo beijo

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ANA LÚCIA disse...

Como minha filha diz "fofex"!

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